This installation was exhibitied in the NSW Historic Museums and Galleries’ 2011 Meroogal Women’s ARTS PRIZE and Touring Exhibition

PRAYER POCKETS PLACE: For Heart, Hearth and Hand


Collaborative Artists: Flossie Peitsch and Wendy Suiter - together with numerous community fabricators

Dimensions: A 3D work standing 1m x 1m x 1m; Can pack flat to 1m x 1m x 10cm, plus a small box

Medium: Mixed assemblage of aluminum, textile, wicker, with soundscape and easily assembled audio equipment Year: 2011 The Collaborating Artists Pictured

The entry submission consists of several photographs of the installation, accompanied by an audio CD to be played back on computer or CD player, while viewing the photographs.


100 word version

This multi-sensory installation features fabric and sound contributions by numerous women workshopped over the past six (6) month period at various locations along the South Coast. It literally and figuratively represents women in community – just as the four generations of Thorburn women are remembered as individuals through their relationship to each other and to community.

Prayer Pockets
are evocative of the ideas of home/community by creating a specific place holding each woman’s hand-written letter of the thoughts, hopes and prayers of all time, place and culture.

Emanating from the Prayer Pocket place are the 70 individually made sound motifs of voices/sounds of the shared ritual of making the pockets - with an underlying quilt of sound.

Prayer Pockets PLACE creates not just ‘something’, but rather, it creates a sensory-rich personal place to reflect on the enduring facets of life’s bigger picture.