MATERIAL WORLD: extraordinary environments made from ordinary things

March 28 – April 8, 2012

Curators: Narelle Phillips, Martine Woven


Re: ENCODE, Public Performance Art by Flossie Peitsch, 2012

Dear Gallery,

In conjunction with ANCA’s upcoming exhibition MATERIAL WORLD: extraordinary environments made from ordinary things, 'G is for Gallery', I would like to present the Performance Art titled ‘ENCODE’ at your locality. In the past I have performed at Documenta 12, Shanghai’s MOMA, The Banff Centre, Canada, the AGSA and the NGV.


This work lasts fifteen (15) minutes. It is to be located at a busy, appropriate place within your locality - such as in the main foyer or in the art gallery. It consists of my standing in one spot, dressed in normal white street clothes except for wearing a white half face mask, displaying a small (20cm x 20cm) canvas with a digitally printed QR Code. I would be silently, calmly gesturing to passersby to scan this QR code with their iPhone/Smartphone. The simple QR Code (3D code) allows participants to link to a sounded blogsite where they can interact in a discourse supporting an exhibition that exists in another place, at another gallery, in another time frame.


Tapping a gallery’s collective memory and speaking its volumes, G is for Gallery exhibits itself as the dynamic place where creativity and culture historically both mesh and clash. To explore this extraordinary story, viewers in ANCA or elsewhere, are invited to be dynamically involved. The QR* code + one’s phone is all that is required to access a history of artists with ecological / ideological causes or tally future issues that artists may pursue. All this exists outside of but with the support of ‘the white cube’.

ENCODE reflexively plays with one’s idea of ‘real art’. It links canvas with technology with alternative space with active place with altered time. This is a blurring of preconceived art ideas and gallery conventions such as word versus image, system versus sign, sound versus sight, public versus private, inclusion and exclusion, to name only a few.

Collaborating Music Composer: Matthias Peitsch

*This is a QR code and can be scanned by free applications available for a Smartphone.

Programs that can access QR codes:

Android (free) - barcode scanner, google goggles,
iPhone (free) - RedLaser barcode scanner
Blackberry (free) - QR code scanner free

No trees have been harmed during this process.

I am very pleased to discuss this performance piece with you in more detail or to book performance times, in the near future. Please contact me directly on (02) 4285 7517 or 0457 726 257 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and Cc Narelle Phillips This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Many thanks,

Flossie Peitsch, PhD

ENCODE: Performance Art by Flossie Peitsch, 2012 Inside / Outside Project Gallery, Wollongong, NSW

In conjunction with Material World, ANCA Gallery, ‘G’ IS FOR GALLERY, Canberra, NSW