MATERIAL WORLD: extraordinary environments made from ordinary things

ANCA, Canberra, ACT March 28 – April 8, 2012

Initial Submission by Flossie Peitsch

Key Dates:

Wednesday 28 March - gallery open to public
Saturday 31 March - 6pm onwards official opening/ + Earth Hour + Artists’ Talks.

‘G’ is for Gallery

The infamous ‘white cube’ depiction of the modern gallery typically has negative connotations. I wish to recycle this portrayal in a reconstructive way. Rather than limiting exchange, the empty space like a blank page is great with potential. The isolation of the gallery makes a dynamic place where creativity and culture both mesh and clash. Additionally, if there was a way to tap its memory, the gallery’s seemingly pristine interior could speak its collective volumes.

In the gallery site, artists often seize the right to riskily expound controversial positions on pertinent issues of life; the spiritual, social and for this exhibition – the environmental. Many artists purpose their work well beyond the physical materials they use, pointing to an immaterial world. This is all the more apparent when materials from the ‘everyday’ are repurposed, isolated for a new profundity.

The family-friendly travel game ‘I see with my little eye, something beginning with… B’ is cleverly used by McDonalds to promote their burgers on the Hume Highway between Gundagai and Sydney. Arguably, McDonalds epitomizes the worst in ecological/ideological community, global and environmental issues. But with an anti-marketing mindset, I employ this concept to access ones’ mental history of artists with ecological/ideological causes and to collect ecological/ideological issues artists may pursue in the future. Using text to represent the ideas found in a gallery also begs the question - which is a more powerful vehicle of change – word or image?

Entering the Post Conceptual phase of art in ‘G’ is for Gallery consists of…

1) Up to nine (9) large white plastic extrusion letters (recycled from an outside sign and a previous art installation) which immerge from the walls at obscure angles locations throughout the gallery. The letters respond to the discourse of the overall theme.

2) These same letters are to be outlined randomly on the floor in white to suggest the 3D contributions to the dialogue.

3) Performance Art intercepting the walls talking will occur during the Opening.

4) Using this site specific installation and Performance, several complex audio components in collaboration with two composers are being created.

5) Using QR Codes, gallery participants will be encouraged to interact directly. One QR code links with my BLOG site (linked to the ANCA website) dedicated to ‘G’ is for Gallery for the duration of the exhibition. No paper will be used for this exercise.

6) My Blog will be dedicated to the production of this installation and its themes until the end of the exhibition.

7) Post Conceptual Art and Technology incorporating environmentalism is scheduled artist’s talk at the Opening.

Associated Images and Documentation:

Plastic Letters sourced from this installation

ALTERED, F. Peitsch, 2006, 3m x 3m, Styrofoam incorporating large white letters, Span Galleries, Melbourne

The list of Blog-supported ‘G’ words:

Gaudí Guggenheim Globalization Gluttony Geiger Counter Gauguin Garbage Gender Gibberish Greater Good Géricault Grave Graze Giacometti Generate Generous Giggawatts Give Place Gilbert and George Goal Google Giotto Vincent van Gogh Goya GST El Greco Grosz