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P r o u d l y s u p p o r t e d b y t h e







A Textured Studio Inquiry into Women’s Work in the Illawarra








Friday May 6th & Saturday May 7th, 2011





F r i d a y F o r u m


Two Participatory Workshops - Social Sculpture


Workshop 1 Chairity Begins at Home


Workshop 2 Pick-a-Pocket

Social Sculpture; Flossie Peitsch, Artist, Visual and Performance Artist, Creative Arts Educator, Academic Researcher, Writer and Lecturer, Public and Community Arts Facilitator, Classroom Teacher, VA Curriculum Author, FLO-ART Director

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I am keen to see art not only as strictly ‘Fine Art’ but as ‘Community Art’, blurring the necessary lines that distinguish the two categories. To do this, I choose the medium ‘Performance Art’ which in actuality is ‘Participatory Art’ as the ‘audience’ interacts with the artist, also blurring these lines of demarcation. These workshops may or may not be authentic Social Sculpture, as enacted by the Melbourne crowd using this technique in public performance and inspired by Beuys, but they have in turn been inspired by Peitsch’s earlier participation in these workshops as a local and are certainly bound to be FUN giving ‘food for thought’.