This was a book I was fortunate enough to publish in 2006 while living in Melbourne. It is a collection of essays and a nice cross-section of my art during that period of 1997-2006.

The essays focus on the area of "place". 

                                 What is your place within society? family? relationships?

                                 How are you limited and enhanced by those roles?

                                 How does your creative process become influenced by these 'fences'?



what others say about the book:

 A Multi- authored monograph with contributions by Cresside Collette, Rosemary Crumlin, Megan Evans, Tony Fox, Peter Haffenden, Linda Macqueen, Mark Minchinton, Penny Mulvey, Patrick Negri, Neal Nuske, Thomas Peitsch, Claire Renkin, Maureen Ryan, Andrew Sibley, Russell Storer, Mike Stubbs and Val Webb.

Canadian-born and now Melbourne-based, Flossie Peitsch is both a noted visual artist and a mother of six. She is also an active community artist who involves her family and hundreds of others in major art projects relating to Australia’s history and current ways of life. Using performance and installation art techniques – as well as traditional painting and drawing and women’s crafts of embroidery, tapestry and knitting – Flossie loses few opportunities to engage the imagination and creativity of those involved in the projects and also those who witness them.

This is an intriguing and richly illustrated book focused on the work of an extraordinarily vibrant and effective Australian artist who operates slightly outside the mainstream.


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Thank you for your interest. 

Flossie Peitsch